Do you love someone who is constantly in trouble with the law? Or maybe he or she is a good kid but got mixed up in something serious and is facing Serious Jail Time?

Discover How to Survive Probation with the Proven Guide to Freedom…

Dear Friend,

What do I know about How to Survive Probation? I know what it’s like to have to explain to my crying parents that I was sorry.  I know what it’s like to lay up sleepless nights worried about the whole court process.  I know what it’s like to worry if I have what it takes to make it on probation.

In 2001 while working as a probation officer I was arrested on a felony drug charge.  The DA was determined that I was not going to get probation. Through some back room wrangling he agreed to reduce the class of felony which meant the judge could give me probation.  The wait was intense, but in the end I received 8 years of felony probation with all the probation rules that bad credit unsecure loan come with it, after serving 8 months in jail.  I had to pay $10,000 in fines, plus court cost. Further, I was commanded to do 1600 hours of public service work, and drug counseling.

I was scared, overwhelmed and depressed, but I soon realized I could do this. I barclays bridging loan put a plan in place, and revised it along the way, but my experience as a probation officer told me I needed a plan on how to survive probation and I was determined to make it.

I uncovered the Amazing secrets to a life without probation violations, without any more jail time and to success in all aspects of life. I discovered how to survive probation and I’m willing to share it with you… for FREE!


Guide to families, How to Survive Probation, Tim Clay


“I want to thank you for providing this information to those who are on probation and parole.  This information provides positive and trustworthy guidelines for offenders to follow. This needs to be disseminated to all of those who don’t want to go back to incarceration! This information should reach every American facing probation and parole! It’s a must! 

Thank you for your hard work!”

Kimberly DuBina www.indianavoices.org

W.A.R. Board Member/Treasurer

  • If all I free casino cash no deposit did was save you a little money in attorney’s fees would it be worth it? 
  • If all I did was to show you how to put a foolproof plan in place would it be worth it? 
  • If I all I did was give one key to keep someone you love home with you would it be worth it?

I’m giving you the keys to unlock How to Survive Probation.  But more than that, they unlock success in all areas of life.

How to Survive Probation, by Tim Clay examines numerous topics including…

  • Essentials for your first probation meeting
  • How to survive probation with a difficult probation officer
  • How to get a job fast
  • “The secret file” and what to do with it
  • How to create a Millionaire Mindset
Hi Tim.
I’m a probation officer in NC. I saw your book and wanted to see if it was something that I could incorporate into my welcome to the world of probation and parole. I have read a good deal of it so far, and I must say, for the most part it is exactly what my offenders need to hear. Will they take it to heart, probably a few of my 98 will, but not all. Either way, I’m enjoying reading it. Thanks for making it free for those who need it!


These simple keys to surviving probation kept me out of trouble more than once. Let them save your family as well. Invest in your freedom today. Let, How to Survive Probation be your guide.


Tim Clay

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