Probation Violations

Felony and Misdemeanor Probation Violations

Whether you are on State or Federal Probation, misdemeanor or felony probation, you are most likely facing a jail or prison sentence if a warrant is issued for a probation violations. Hopefully that has not already occurred.  This page will deal first with how to avoid probation violations.  Then we will look at what to do in the event a probation violation has already occurred.

How to avoid a Felony and Misdemeanor Probation Violations

The first and most obvious way to avoid probation violations is to comply with the conditions of your probation.  This is easier said than done.  We must balance work and family life with trying to make all of our meetings, classes, and community service work.  But here’s the key to remember.  If you go to jail or prison, there is no work or family life. You must comply with your conditions no matter what. You must decide that the only way to accomplish your goals is to maintain your freedom and do whatever it takes to make your criminal probation officer happy. We have to keep probation officers happy because they hold they keys to your freedom.  When you first meet your probation officer it’s like a first date.  Both parties are making judgments about the other and are guessing how the relationship will go.  It is very important to male a good first impression.  Ask questions about what is expected and tell the probation officer you are willing to do whatever he or she asks. Finally, be sure to communicate.  If you have a question whether something is okay, call them.  If you are having a hard time finding work, or lose your job, call them.  If for some reason you miss a meeting (never acceptable) call them immediately and explain why.  Honest communication is very important to insuring your freedom and maintaining a healthy relationship with your probation officer.  If you have a good relationship it will be harder for them to issue a warrant for probation violations. These are just a few tips on how to avoid criminal probation violations. For more information bookmark this page and check back frequently.  Also, be sure to get “How to Survive Criminal Probation”.  All you have to do is fill out the form to the right and I’ll email a link for you to receive it absolutely FREE.

What to Do if You Get Criminal Probation Violations

So your reading this blog to late and a warrant has already been issued for probation violations.  What should you do? Hopefully the violation is just for one rule.  Nevertheless, you must: Continue to meet all the other conditions free casino cash no deposit of your probation. You absolutely MUST make all of your meetings with the probation officer.  You absolutely must continue you public service work.  And you must continue to work on payments to the court.  It is your only chance to show it was a mistake and not a pattern of behavior. Next you need to show a corrected actionIf you missed payment due to not working, you need to show a list of all the places you applied for work, or receipts showing you are paying what you can.  If you failed a drug test you need to admit to the mistake, and either show that you voluntarily sought help on your own, and that you have severed ties with the source of the drugs. Finally, you need to hire an attorney. Although it may seem unnecessary, attorneys have existing relationships with the judge and the District Attorney. They can be expensive, and free ones don’t seem to have as much time for you as their paying clients, but if you have probation violations tell the attorney the proactive steps you’ve taken on your own and if you have proof with you, most will pay attention. None of these things are guaranteed to work after a warrant for probation violations has been filed, but for sure, if you do not do these things you will end up back in jail or prison. That is why you must work hard to insure that no mater what, you…

Avoid Probation Violations

How to avoid Probation violations by Tim ClayIn my book, “How to Survive Criminal Probation”, I offer a wealth of information that, if followed will keep you out of jail or prison.  It deals first with changing your behavior and then changing your thinking. Fill out the form to the right to download it for FREE to your computer now, or click on the image of the book to order the paperback edition.  If you want to be successful and avoid  probation violations, it is a must read.

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